Sir Trafique Warden

Our brief history starts with the covid 19, pandemic lock down of March 2020. A hasher was locked down in Owerri, Imo State. With restriction of movement, locked bars, and night life grounded, and restriction of public gathering, it was difficult to socialize, talk less hashing especially where a hash kennel does not even exist. Even worshipping was online

Beer with Us the Story continues.

Being that gatherings were banned in the state, isolated walk/trekking was encouraged to keep
healthy living.

This lone trekking gradually increased in number by a concentrated members of staff of AGPC,
eventually and we were joined by a few NYSC
As the number increased and the weekly walk became regular, check backs were introduced.
Then, chalking was introduced to the walk.
The walk grew to become running/walking as the stamina permits.
However, something dramatic happened. Sunday, June 7, 2020, with what looked like a casual
run / walk, 2 hashers of Ikeja Hash Extraction
decided on an adventure. They soon covered a reasonable distance and had a beer stop. 🍺

Then the challenge of setting up a hash in Owerri was born.
On the live trail were, Sir Trafique Warden and Hire for Hire, former Hash Master and Former
Joint Master respectively of Ikeja Hash House Harriers.
It became known as run Number one (Ofu). Considering that most of the pioneer members of the
Heartland Hash House Harriers worked in AGPC and are mainly off duty on Sundays,
the idea of running on Sundays became necessary.

After the first and second runs, the number of enthusiastic runners have continued to increase. We have over 80 runners and a steady average of 50 runners regularly. (FIRST TRAIL OF HHHH ON JUNE 7, 2020) As the runs became regular, there was a need to fully integrate HeartLand hash House Harrier into the fold of the Nigerian and world hash hence we started the formal inauguration planning.
Naming of hasher: being that HeartLand hash House Harriers was being mentored by Ikeja Hash House Harriers, Nigeria, there was a need to tow the traditions of Ikeja H3 even in the pattern of naming a hasher. Ikeja Hash House harriers does not encourage vulgar names.
The naming of young hash members of HeartLand became necessary because christening a hasher / Harriett brings him / her to the fullness of a hash and makes them equal as all hashers are deemed equal in the hash. To this end, our first named hashers were: Pinocchio, RSM-Regimental Sargent Major.
There was a lot of commitment in the creation of HeartLand H3. Even in the partial lockdown, Scratcha – a former HM, Ikeja Hash house and Do-it-Sideways; Ex GM Abuja H3, Consulate; Ex GM, Warri H3 used to travel all the way from Ngor Opkala, Umuahia and Warri respectively to hash with HeartLand, build the spirit of the young naïve hashers. BDD, you are not forgotten.

The first Hash Master of HeartLand Hash House Harriers, Owerri was Sir Trafique Warden/Founder. He served 6 months from the date of innauguration (10/10/2020). He handed over to Pinocchio who served from April 2021 to April 2022.

Run 01 map for Owerri


founder of heartland hashhouse harriers
Trafique Warden- 1st HM. 2020-2021
Sidewinder HM-2023-2024
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