Circle started at about 11:34am and we on out to the left,we had 1 check and  1 check back and 2 beer stop, first beer stop at Mary’s place 17:59 and second beer stop was Opp Youth development complex.

We returned back to the circle at about 12:30pm .We played some games (Singing hash songs and also the alphabet game) before the circle proper.


RA took over the circle,called on few Hashers to describe the run for the day to know if they actually paid attention. The hash trail was called upon to demonstrate the run and Sexy dancer continued from were the hash trail stopped in demonstrating the run.

HM went further to explain the reason why few person were called upon,so when we go for away run we could understand the things they do

The beer witches were acknowledged.

The HM was called upon front right and center and was lubricated.

The hares for the run were called front right and centre, and the MoM gave them a lubricanting and appreciating note for taking a decide to feed us with our favourite poison as usual. The hares gave us a hash songs(“Bachelor “)

 HM talk about how the run started in heartland and how we are about to celebrate our run 💯,also about our website. The HM went further to talk about the forthcoming Nash Hash 2025 and the need to have vast knowledge of the hash and it’s activities.

The virgins were called upon front right and center and the RA took his time to educate them on what the hash was all about,few miscreants were punished for not putting on their Hash gear and emphasized on the need to have hash gear.

2 Hashers were named

Just Tonia – Extra large

Just Nwanetoeto – Glass house

DHM Pinnochio told us the reason behind the hash names(handle).

HM gave us a hash song “Curiosity”

Accomodation for those going for Nash was also talked about and the platform for Communication

We had a total of 42 Hashers present ( 39 hashers present 3 virgins).

Circle ended at about 2:22pm, swinglow was taking and on on to ngwo ngwori.

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